New way of mattress shopping

In days gone by, choosing a mattress used to mean visiting numerous stores, trying to digest an overwhelming and conflicting amount of information from sales staff, testing a multitude of mattresses. Then hoping the one you picked based on 5 minutes of laying down on it, is the right one.

Whilst some people feel comfortable with and indeed appreciate this experience, some do not. This change in market demand has given rise to a new way of mattress shopping… online. To coincide with this, there have been many innovations in mattress technology to suit this new way of mattress shopping and distribution. Arguably the most important evolution, is the ‘Bed in a Box’ concept.


Put simply, it is the use of special machinery to leverage the capacity of the foam and springs within a mattress to be compressed and subsequently folded down into a box that is a fraction of the size of the mattress. This means that instead of receiving your mattress in a ‘ready to sleep on’ format, it will come compressed, rolled and inside a box. It can then be easily wheeled to the required space and unrolled from the box. After just a few hours, the mattress decompresses… and voila you have a mattress indistinguishable from the kind that arrives ready to sleep on.

No. As with regular mattresses, a mattress is only as good as the quality of the materials and the engineering and workmanship used to construct it. Some are made of foam alone and some a combination of springs and foam. The best mattress for you will always be one that allows both adequate support and contouring for your body shape and sleep posture. Our friendly customer care team can work through your needs to determine the best product for you.




As the mattress is rolled, it takes up make less space. This means that not only can these mattresses be transported in most cars, but they are also much easier to manoeuvre to the front door and within your home to get it to the desired spot. No more trying to squash your mattress through a stair well or tight corners.


Because the mattress is compacted within a box, it makes storing it until required much easier. This is ideal for those renovating, building or simply moving into a new home. It can simply be placed in a garage, store room or corner of a spare room until it’s needed. It is important to note however, that once the mattress has been unboxed and decompressed, that you will not be able to return it back into the box.


Because of the ease of transport and storage of a boxed mattress for the company, there is a subsequent reduction in the costs associated. These savings can then be passed on to the consumer, making for extremely competitive prices.

How do I open my mattress?


Open up the box in the room you wish to set up the mattress.


Keeping the mattress rolled and wrapped, slide it onto the solid slats of your bed frame.


Carefully remove the first layer of plastic and open up the rolled (but still compressed within plastic) mattress and position it out flat on your base in the correct orientation.


Once correctly orientated, use the plastic cutting tool (provided) to cut open the second layer of plastic around the outsides (the mattress will now begin to decompress and expand).


Carefully ease the plastic covering down and out from under the mattress.


Wait approximately 3-4 hours for your mattress to expand to full height.

And finally.. lay down on your new mattress for a well-earned nap… you’ve earned it!