Chiropedic has been manufacturing and selling high-quality mattresses in Australia for almost 30 years. We are at the cutting edge of our industry and have received many awards for innovation through design.

Our staff are highly knowledgeable, and will always recommend the perfect solution.


Our Bed In A Box store offers a range of mattresses so you can choose the mattress that suits your sleep style, your comfort preference and your budget best.


At the core of our Bed In A Box range is the foundation of our mattresses – our zoned pocket springs.

A zoned pocket spring is engineered to provide a combination of support and targeted pressure relief in specific body zones across the mattress.
With springs providing variable tension, the mattress can truly contour to your body and ensure proper spinal alignment with just the right pressure.
Foam mattresses can’t provide accurate spinal alignment like our mattresses because a foam foundation can’t provide variable tension across the mattress.

But wait, there’s more

High Quality

We only use the best materials and techniques to make our mattresses.

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Hybrid Design

Our mattresses feature our zoned pocket spring foundation for superior spinal alignment along with layers of foam for pressure relief—the best of both worlds.

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Our hybrid design mattresses have better airflow than foam mattresses, which tend to hold heat.

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Foam mattresses without firmer support underneath the hips begin to sink in the hip area over time, which leads to a sore lower back. Our zoned pocket spring mattresses will maintain their support for much longer than a foam mattress.

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